Saturday, June 24, 2006

Exit Strategies

Here is a second sonnet from the series by (me) Julie Moulds. The images in it are all, pretty much, situations Edward Lear illustrated in his limericks. The poem has hopes of humor.

Exit Strategies

You might be bit by a rattler hid in your boot
or choked while you're drinking green tea;
could be killed by the kick of a madwoman's foot
or drowned in the syllabub sea.

You could murder yourself in New York with a fork
or melt in a crater of lava.
You could die by too frequently popping the cork
of your favorite brand of Marsala.

You might be gored by a virulent bull
or bored by a brute of a bee.
Your skull could crack like a china doll's
when you fall from a three-story tree.
You could be split in two halves by a horse,
or you might go more peaceful, of course.


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